At our last Google Sudo events, we met hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who were keen to learn about how to take their start-ups to the next level. From the lively discussions to the exchange of business cards, there’s no doubt that the Aussie start-up scene is alive and well.

So following on from Sudo, on Monday October 8 we will host a Google for Entrepreneurs Day in Sydney. Designed for startups and entrepreneurs, this free day will cover the various Google products and tools that may help those in a start-up build and grow their business. While Sudo shared business insight and advice on creating a successful start-up, this day will have a strong technical focus.

There will be technical tracks covering our cloud technologies, Android, Chrome, Google+ and others. We’ll also have sessions focusing on how to track and measure web presence and on how to market your products or services. Experts from Google will also be there to host hands-on sessions on tools and products like YouTube, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Our keynote speakers from Google will include:

  • Managing Director Nick Leeder on understanding your users and the market.
  • Engineering Director Alan Noble on innovation and entrepreneurship at Google;
  • Head of Google Enterprise’s Stuart McLean on the future of work, today.

Google itself was once a start-up in a garage, so we know the next great idea can come from anywhere. Everyone benefits from a strong entrepreneurial eco-system and we hope the Google for Entrepreneurs Day will help empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to build and scale businesses and be successful online.

A full agenda of this whole-day event will be available in the coming weeks, but places are limited so get in early. Please register your interested in attending here.

Posted by Sally Ann Williams, Program Manager, Engineering, Google Australia