Earlier this year we announced the popular Doodle 4 Google competition for 2013 which gives Australian students the chance to have their version of the Google logo on our homepage and win prizes for their school which includes sending their teacher off on an Antarctic expedition sponsored by Commonwealth Bank.

We asked the ‘doodles’ to represent this year’s theme ‘If I was an explorer I would...’ Over twenty thousand students across the country grabbed their pencils and paints to take part.

There was excitement in the Google HQ last week as our judges Bronwyn Bancroft, Professor Chris Turney and Commonwealth Bank’s Lyn McGrath took on the hard job of choosing our 32 state and territory winners! Now it’s up to everyone to vote for their favourite in each age group and narrow it down to the top four.

This year our Googler volunteers who helped choose the 320 State and Territory Finalists were also given a chance to pick their favourite.

This special packing room mention goes to”Wonderful Word Explorers” by Chiara Maggiotto from Garden Suburb Public School in NSW, who wrote:
“If I was an Explorer I would travel around our wonderful world in a balloon with my crew - my dogs Nova, Gipsy and Luna. My Cats Zsazsa and Old Tom, also my bird Rio. Together we'd explore places never seen, make new friends and discover all the amazing animals.”

Voting starts today, so make sure to get voting for your favourite doodle to appear on the Google Australia homepage.

Leticia Lentini, Events Magician and Branding Marketing Manager whose favourite doodles include Dicken’s Birthday.